Rekindling Our Identity: A Return to the Heart of Swash Digital

In the ever-evolving landscape of business, there are moments when we must pause, reflect, and revisit the essence of who we are. Almost a year ago, Swash Digital ( embarked on a journey of transformation—a rebranding initiative that signified our deep commitment to the vibrant tapestry of Canadian businesses. We adopted a new logo, a fresh color palette, and proudly displayed our identity as an immigrant-owned, black-run enterprise, ready to make its mark on North America.

But as seasons shifted and time unfolded, we noticed a change, a subtle drift. Our social engagement waned, our message seemed to fade into the digital noise, and the powerful connection we once shared with our audience grew faint. It was a moment of humbling introspection, a chance to pause and listen to the echoes of our journey.

Swash Digital’s story began on the bustling streets of Lagos, Nigeria, back in 2016. We emerged as a mobile value-added business in the telecommunications realm, carving our path through innovation and dedication. Our journey has been one of growth and evolution, leading us to our present state—a burgeoning digital consulting agency in the heart of North America, with subsidiaries like Swash Media and Swash Commerce.

In our pursuit of progress, we sought to encapsulate our essence in a new image—a logo that spoke of change, modernity, and growth. Designed with care, it bore the mark of transformation. Yet, in our pursuit of the new, we sensed an absence—a missing piece of our soul.

Today, with both nostalgia and optimism in our hearts, we make a decision—one that’s born of love for our roots and a profound respect for our journey. We’ve chosen to return to our original logo, a creation of pure genius by the remarkable Olakunle Sodade in 2016. This emblem isn’t just an image; it’s a representation of our spirit—a spirit that’s fun, vibrant, and endlessly creative.

We miss the playful yet profound inspiration it brings, not just to us but to our entire team. With this change, we hope to ignite a positive ripple within the North American business community. We aim for Swash Digital to be recognized as a vibrant, black-owned digital consulting agency, making a global impact in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

This decision isn’t just about a logo; it’s about reconnecting with our core values, our origins, and the unquenchable spirit that has fueled our journey from Lagos to North America. It’s a reminder that while we embrace growth and innovation, we also cherish the roots from which we sprung—a vibrant, inspired, and fiercely creative entity.

Welcome back, Swash Digital, in all your colorful, playful glory. We’re ready to embrace the future, rooted in the brilliance of our past.


Temitope Benson
Temitope Benson
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